Leaf Removal / Fall Cleanup

Leaf RemovalFall in North Carolina is a beautiful season. But as fall moves on, leaves fall onto your lawn and garden calling for attention. Most people think that fall cleanup is important for aesthetic purposes only.  However, leaf removal is just as essential to keep your lawn healthy throughout the year. Unremoved leaf matter can smother the grass reducing its chances for vigorous growth in the springtime and can provoke mold and fungal diseases. Moreover, a canopy of fall leaves lying on your lawn inhibits light penetration and air circulation that are crucial for healthy soil.

At Carolina Lawn, we have several leaf removal options. We can mulch the leaves with a mower back into the lawn letting them break down quickly. Mulching mixes grass clippings and leaf particles together providing your lawn with a natural nutrient-rich compost. Another option is raking and disposing the leaves. In addition to rakes, we can use leaf blowers to get rid of your decaying lawn blanket. After the leaves are raked and blown out, they are bagged, hauled off, and recycled. Now, you can enjoy your clean and beautiful yard again.

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